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Institute of Human Brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences

INSTITUTE OF THE HUMAN BRAIN of the Russian Academy of Sciences, situated at 9 Akademika Pavlova Street. It was founded in 1990 on the initiative of N. V. Bekhtereva, a member of the academy

Institute of Language and Thought of the Russian Academy of Sciences

INSTITUTE OF LANGUAGE AND THOUGHT of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, a research institution founded in 1921 as the Institute for Japhetic (European) Studies, renamed the Japhetic Institute in 1922

Institute of Northern Peoples

INSTITUTE OF NORTHERN PEOPLES, an educational research institution. It separated from the Northern Department of the Leningrad Oriental Institute in December 1929

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg Branch

INSTITUTE OF ORIENTAL STUDIES of the Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg Branch, situated at 18 Palace Square, one of the world's centres of oriental studies. It was founded as the Asian Museum on the basis of Kunstkammer's Oriental Chamber in 1818

Institute of St. Petersburg, non-governmental organisation

INSTITUTE OF ST. PETERSBURG, educational institution established in 1991 with the purpose of popularising St. Petersburg culture history; teaching a two-year course which included lectures on the history of architecture, literature, art

Insurance companies (entry)

INSURANCE COMPANIES, financial and credit institutions, which deal with various kinds of insurance (life, real estate, personal estate insurance, etc.), the basic principle of which consists in compensating damages incurred by one person through

Integrated House-Building Factory

INTEGRATED HOUSE-BUILDING FACTORY (DSK), facilities ensuring mechanized construction of residential-houses and public buildings to standard designs. The idea of DSK creation was promoted in Leningrad in 1958 (engineers S.M. Verizhnikov, V.Y. Isaev


INTELLIGENTSIA, a social group forming a part of the St. Petersburg population, individuals engaged in intellectual work and possessing high educational qualifications (subdivided into creative work, science, and manufacturing)

Inter-Regional Party

INTER-REGIONAL PARTY (from the end of 1914 referred to as St. Petersburg Inter-Regional Committee of United Socialists Revolutionaries and Internationalists) was a socialist democratic organisation in St. Petersburg (Petrograd)

Internal Defence Belt

INTERNAL DEFENCE BELT, a series of defence constructions. Built in spring - autumn 1942, from the Seaport, to Avtovo, to Volodarsky Village, to Kupchino Station

Internationalistov Park

INTERNATIONALISTOV PARK is situated in the south part of St. Petersburg, in Kupchino, between Slavy Avenue, Yuzhnoe Freeway, Bukharestskaya Street and Sofiiskaya Street

Interyerny (Interior) Theatre

INTERYERNY (INTERIOR) THEATRE, State theatre, St. Petersburg, located at 104 Nevsky Prospect, established on 8 June 1988 as a theatre-studio based on a collective contract. Its founder and artistic director was N.V. Belyak, its main designer M.I


“My friends, our union is beautiful! It is as the soul, it is indivisible and eternal

Inzhenernaya Street

INZHENERNAYA STREET, running from Griboedova Canal to Belinskogo Square. The street was named in 1823 after the Principal Engineering College, which was located in the Mikhaylovsky Castle

Inzhenerny Bridges

INZHENERNY BRIDGES (Engineer’s, two bridges in the district of Engineers' (see Mikhailovsky) Castle (hence the name). The first Engineers' Bridge (formerly Letny Bridge) spans the Moika River, along the Fontanka River

Ioann of Kronstadt, (Ivan Iliyich Sergiyev)

19 October 1829, Sura Village, the Pinezhsky Uyezd, the Arkhangelsk Guberniya – 20 December 1908, Kronstadt. A priest, oreacher and philanthropist, Saint of the Russian Orthodox Church

Ioann (Snychev) (1927-1995), Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga 1990-1995

IOANN (lay name Ivan Matveevich Snychev) (1927-1995, St. Petersburg), Church figure, historian and spiritual writer, Doctor of Theology (1988). In 1944-45, Ioann served in the army

Ioannovsky Bridge

IOANNOVSKY BRIDGE (until 1887 Petrovsky), over Kronversky Canal to Ioannovskie Gates of the Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg's first bridge. Received its name from a timber bridge

Iofe V.V. (1938 - 2002), historian of nonconformity, public figure.

IOFE Veniamin Viktorovich (1938-2002, St. Petersburg), public figure, historian. Lived in Leningrad since 1938. Graduated from Leningrad Chemical Engineering Institute (1962)

Ioffe A.F., (1880-1960), physicist

IOFFE Abram Fedorovich (1880-I960, Leningrad), physicist, organiser of science, Member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1916), the Russian Academy of Sciences (1920)

Ioffe Physics-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

IOFFE PHYSICS-TECHNICAL INSTITUTE of the Russian Academy of Sciences, located at 26 Politekhnicheskaya Street, was established in 1918 by academician A. F. Ioffe (a director until 1951, the institute has been named after him since 1960)

Irinovsky Avenue

IRINOVSKY AVENUE, running from Boksitogorskaya Street to Kommuny Street, one of the major arteries of the Porokhovye area. The avenue runs parallel to the former Irinovskaya Railroad line (hence the name)

Isaakievsky Bridge

ISAAKIEVSKY BRIDGE, (St. Isaac’s Bridge) the first floating bridge over the Bolshaya Neva, opposite what is now Decembrist Square. It linked Admiralteysky Island with Vasilievsky Island. In 1727, the bridge was first launched

Isaev V. I., (1854-1911), doctor

ISAEV Vasily Isaevich (1854-1911, St. Petersburg), doctor, microbiologist, Doctor of Medicine (1887). He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Moscow University (1877)

Isakov I.S.(1894-1967), Аdmiral

ISAKOV Ivan Stepanovich (1894-1967), Admiral of the Soviet Union Fleet (1955), Hero of the Soviet Union (1965), Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1958), Doctor of Naval Sciences (1946)

Isidor (Nikolsky) (1799-1892), Metropolitan of Novgorod and St. Petersburg 1860-1892

ISIDOR (born Iakov Sergeevich Nikolsky) (1799-1892, St. Petersburg), religious figure, honorary member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1857). After graduating from St

Isidore's House for Paupers

ISIDORE'S HOUSE FOR PAUPERS, one of the oldest charitable establishments in St. Petersburg. It was opened in 1823 in Kolomna (present-day 105 Rimskogo-Korsakova Avenue) for care of the poor; it was subordinated to the Imperial Philanthropic society

Iskra (The Spark), journal, 1858-73

ISKRA (The Spark), a weekly satiric caricature journal, founded in 1859 under the editorship of its publishers: satiric poet V. S. Kurochkin and artist N. A. Stepanov (until 1864)

Iskusstv Square

ISKUSSTV SQUARE, situated between Inzhenernaya Street and Italyanskaya Street. Known as Mikhaylovskaya Square from 1834 to 1918, then called Lassalya Square until 1940, in memory of German socialist F. Lassal (1825-64)

Iskusstvo i khudozhestvennaya promyshlennost (Arts and Crafts) journal

ISKUSSTVO I KHUDOZHESTVENNAYA PROMYSHLENNOST, (Arts and Crafts), a monthly illustrated journal. It was published by the Society for the Promotion of Arts in October 1898 - May 1902 under N. P

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