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Rubricator / / Science. Education
Mavrodin V.V., (1908-1987), historian

MAVRODIN Vladimir Vasilievich (1908-1987, Leningrad), historian, PhD in History (1940). Graduated from the faculty of Linguistics and Material Culture Studies of the State Leningrad University in 1930

Mayakovsky Library, central, municipal

MAYAKOVSKY LIBRARY, central, municipal, public (44 Fontanka Embankment), dates back to the athenaeum, founded in 1868 by A.A. Cherkesov. In 1919, it was reorganised into the Central Municipal Library

May's Gymnasium

MAY'S GYMNASIUM, men's private high school founded by teacher K. I. May (1824-1895) as a classical school in 1856 and reorganised into a gymnasium in 1865. It had a actual department opened in 1868 and transformed into a Real school (which along

Mechanical Engineering Institute

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING INSTITUTE, St. Petersburg State Mechanical Engineering Institute, situated at 14 Polyustrovsky Avenue, the first national technical college and manufacturing plant

Mechnikov I.I., (1845-1916), physiologist

MECHNIKOV Ilya Ilyich (1845-1916), embryologist, microbiologist and pathologist, Associate (1902) and Honourary Doctor (1883) of the St. Petersburg Academy of Science. Graduated from the University of Kharkov in 1864

Mechnikov Medical Academy

MECHNIKOV MEDICAL ACADEMY, St. Petersburg State Medical Academy situated at 47 Piskarevsky Avenue. It originates from the Psychoneurological Institute with a faculty of medicine reorganised into the State Institute of Medical Knowledge in 1920 and

Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

MEDICAL ACADEMY OF POSTGRADUATE EDUCATION, St. Petersburg Medical Academy situated at 41 Kirochnaya Street. It was founded in 1885 as Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna's Clinical Institute and renamed the Imperial Clinical Institute in 1896 to become the

Mendeleev D.I., (1834-1907), chemist

MENDELEEV Dmitry Ivanovich (1834-1907, St. Petersburg), chemist, teacher and public figure, Associate of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1876). Graduated from the Main Pedagogical Institute of St. Petersburg in 1855

Mendeleev Metrology Institute

MENDELEEV METROLOGY INSTITUTE, situated at 19 Moskovsky Avenue. It originates from the Depot of Standard Weights and Measures founded in 1842 and reorganised into the Head Office of Weights and Measures in 1893 and the All-Union Institute of

Mendeleev Museum Archive

MENDELEEV MUSEUM ARCHIVE of St. Petersburg State University (2 Mendeleevskaya Line), founded in 1911 upon the initiative of D. I. Mendeleev's students and colleagues occupies three rooms on the ground floor of the Twelve Colleges building

Merezhkovsky D.S. (1865-1941), writer and philosopher

MEREZHKOVSKY Dmitry Sergeevich (1865, St. Petersburg - 1941), a prose writer, poet, critic, literary and public figure. He graduated from Petersburg University with a major in philology in 1888. He married Z. N

Mikhailovsky Artillery Academy

MIKHAILOVSKY ARTILLERY ACADEMY (МАА), military scientific and educational institution of higher retraining of artillery command personnel. It was based in 1855 on the basis of officers’ classes at the Mikhail Artillery High School within the General

Mikhailovsky Military Artillery University

MIKHAILOVSKY MILITARY ARTILLERY UNIVERSITY (MMAU) (22 Komsomola Street) is a higher military educational institution for training of command and engineer personnel for missile and artillery units; it also possesses a research centre

Mikhaylovsky N. K. (1842-1904), publicist, sociologist

MIKHAYLOVSKY Nikolay Konstantinovich (1842-1904, St. Petersburg), publicist, sociologist, critic, public figure. From 1856 lived in St. Petersburg, studied in the Corps of Mining Engineers Institute; in 1863 was expelled for participation in student

Miklukho-Maclay N.N., (1846-1888), ethnographer

MIKLUKHO-MACLAY Nikolay Nikolaevich (1846-1888, St. Petersburg), traveller, ethnographer, anthropologist, biologist. Spent his childhood in St. Petersburg, then, from 1863 to 1864

Military Academies (entry)

MILITARY ACADEMIES, educational institutions of the Military Department, the graduates of which are directed to military service according to the qualification they receive

Military Colleges (entry)

MILITARY COLLEGES, military high schools for training army officers. They appeared in the early 19th century. Reorganised and unified in 1859-64, they had uniform admission rules, curriculum and organisation

Military Communications University

MILITARY COMMUNICATIONS UNIVERSITY (MCU) (3 Tikhoretsky Avenue) is a higher military educational institution. It prepares command and engineer personnel for the signal troops

Military Engineering University

MILITARY ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY (MEU) (22 Zakharyevskaya Street), upper military educational institution preparing officers of engineer and building specialties for all branches of troops

Military Engineering University, St. Petersburg Department of the

MILITARY ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY, St. Petersburg Branch of the (SPD MEU) (17 Krasnogo Kursanta Street) is a higher military educational institution. It prepares officers for military topographic services

Military Historical Museum of the Artillery, Engineering and Signal Corps

MILITARY HISTORICAL MUSEUM OF THE ARTILLERY, ENGINEERING AND SIGNAL CORPS of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, located at 7 Alexandrovsky Park

Military Logistics and Transport Academy

MILITARY LOGISTICS AND TRANSPORT ACADEMY (8 Makarova Embankment), a military educational institution. It prepares officers for command and engineering specialities for the support and transportation troops

Military Orphans' House

MILITARY ORPHANS' HOUSE was a military boarding school for children (from four years age) of officers and soldiers, who were either impoverished or dead. It was founded in 1794 by the Grand Prince Pavel Petrovich (future Emperor Pavel I) in Gatchina

Military Physical Culture Institute

MILITARY PHYSICAL EDUCATION INSTITUTE (63 Bolshoy Sampsonyevsky Avenue) is a higher military educational institution. It prepares officers specialising in physical education and sport

Militia History Museum

MILITIA HISTORY MUSEUM of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region situated at 12 Poltavskaya Street. Founded in 1976, it received its present-day name in 1991

Milyukov P.N. (1859-1943), statesman, historian

MILYUKOV Pavel Nikolaevich (1859-1943), statesman, historian, essayist, honorary doctor of Cambridge University (1916). He graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology of Moscow University in 1882. From 1886, he was a private tutor there

Mineralogical Society

MINERALOGICAL SOCIETY, fully named the All-Russian Mineralogical Society, situated at 2 Twenty-First Line of Vasilievsky Island, one of the oldest mineralogical societies in the world

Mining Museum

MINING MUSEUM of the St. Petersburg State Mining Institute, at 2 Twenty-First Line of Vasilievsky Island, is one of the oldest and biggest geological museums in the world

Modzalevsky B.L., (1874-1928), literary historian

MODZALEVSKY Boris Lvovich (1874-1928, Leningrad), literary historian, archivist, Associate of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1918). Lived in St. Petersburg from 1884. Graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of St. Petersburg in 1898

Mordvinov N.S. (1754-1845), Admiral, statesman

MORDVINOV Nikolay Semenovich (1754-1845, St. Petersburg), statesman and military figure, economist, admiral (1797), honorary member of Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1826) and Russian Academy (1818). The son of S.I