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Rubricator / / Science. Education
Vasilyevsky V.G. (1838-1899), historian

VASILYEVSKY Vasily Grigorievich (1838-99), historian, member of Petersburg Academy of Sciences from 1890. He graduated from Petersburg University with a major in history and philology in 1860 and worked there as a teacher

Vavilov Institute for the History of Science and Technology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St.

VAVILOV INSTITUTE FOR THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg Branch, situated at 2 Tamozhenny Lane. It was founded in 1953 as a Leningrad branch based on the Committee for the History of the Academy

Vavilov N.I., (1887-1943), biologist

VAVILOV Nikolay Ivanovich (1887-1943), geneticist, plant-breeder, science official, public figure, Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1929), Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (1929)

Vavilov Research Institute of Cultivation

VAVILOV RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF CULTIVATION, a governmental scientific centre of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, located at 42 and 44 Bolshaya Morskaya Street

Vavilov S.I., (1891-1951), physicist

VAVILOV Sergey Ivanovich (1891-1951), physicist, founder of the Soviet Scientific School of Optical Physics, Member (1932) and President (1945-51) of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Brother of N I. Vavilov

Vavilov State Optical Institute

VAVILOV STATE OPTICAL INSTITUTE, located at 12-14 Birzhevaya Line, is the biggest Russian scientific centre for theoretical and applied research into the sphere of optical information technology, photo technology and basic optical disciplines

Vedeneev Institute of Hydraulic Engineering

VEDENEEV ALL-RUSSIAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING, situated at 21 Gzhatskaya Street. It was founded in 1921 on the initiative of Professor G. K. Riesenkampf and N. N

Venediktov A.V.(1887-1959), lawyer

VENEDIKTOV Anatoly Vasilievich (1887-1959, Leningrad), lawyer, Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1958), honoured worker of science of the USSR (1942). Graduated from the Faculty of Economics of St

Vengerov S.A., (1855-1920), historian of literature, bibliographer

VENGEROV Semen Afanasievich (1855-1920, Petrograd), historian literature, bibliographer, public figure. Since 1868, Vengerov lived in St. Petersburg, where he graduated from the Faculty of Law of Petersburg University in 1879

Vernadsky V.I., (1863-1945), chemist

VERNADSKY Vladimir Ivanovich (1863, St. Petersburg - 1945), chemist, mineralogist and crystallographer, Member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1912), the Russian Academy of Sciences (1917), and the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1925)

Veselovsky A.N., (1838-1906), literature historian

VESELOVSKY Alexander Nikolaevich (1838-1906, St. Petersburg), literature historian, Member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1880). Graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology of Moscow University (1858)

Vinogradov D.I., (1720-1758), chemist

VINOGRADOV Dmitry Ivanovich (1720-1758), chemist, ceramist, creator of Russian china. Studied chemistry, metallurgy and mining at the St. Petersburg Academic University and abroad

Vinogradov V.V. (1894/95-1969), linguist

VINOGRADOV Viktor Vladimirovich (1894/95-1969), philologist, Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1946), member of many foreign academies. In 1918, he concurrently graduated from the Institute of History and Philology and Archaeological

Vladimirskie Courses

VLADIMIRSKIE COURSES (St. Petersburg University public courses), an educational institution, founded in 1870 by a group of female education activists, who later established Bestuzhev Courses

VOEYKOV A.I., (1842-1916), climatologist, geographer

Voeykov Alexander Ivanovich (1842-1916), climatologist and geographer, founder of climatology in Russia, Corresponding Member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1910)

Voeykov Main Geophysical Observatory

VOEYKOV MAIN GEOPHYSICAL OBSERVATORY, situated at 7 Karbysheva Street, the central research institution conducting research in aerophysics and climatology. It has also been monitoring ambient air pollution in St. Petersburg since 1990

Vologdin Scientific Research Institute of High-Frequency Currents

VOLOGDIN ALL-RUSSIAN SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF HIGH-FREQUENCY CURRENTS, located at Shuvalovsky Park. It was established in 1947 as the Scientific Research Institute for the Use of High-Frequency Currents, based on the laboratory of V. P

Voluntary University, 1862

VOLUNTARY UNIVERSITY is the name for a series of lectures given in January-March 1862 at the City Duma and Peterschule. The courses were opened on chargeable basis after the closure of St

Voronin M. S. (1838-1903), public figure, entrepreneur

VORONIN Mikhail Stepanovich (1838, St. Petersburg 1903, St. Petersburg), botanist, public figure, entrepreneur, patron of arts, member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1898). He graduated from St

Vostokov A.H. (1781-1864), philologist

VOSTOKOV Alexander Hristoforovich (real name Ostenek Alexander Voldemar) (1781-1864, St. Petersburg), philologist, paleographer, poet, translator, Member of the Russian Academy (1820), corresponding member (1826) and since 1841 member of St

Voyachek V.I. (1876-1971), member of the Academy of Medical Sciences

VOYACHEK Vladimir Ignatievich (1876, St. Petersburg - 1971, Leningrad), otolaryngologist, member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR from 1944, Lieutenant General of the Medical Corps in 1943, Hero of Socialist Labour in 1961

Vyshnegradsky A.I. (1867-1925), industrialist

VYSHNEGRADSKY Alexander Ivanovich (1867 St. Petersburg - 1925), businessman, Chamberlain (1905), Actual Civil Councillor (1915). Son of I.A. Vyshnegradsky. After graduating from the Faculty of Law of Petersburg University (1889)

Vyshnegradsky I.A., (1831-1895), scientist technologist, businessman, statesman

VYSHNEGRADSKY Ivan Alexeevich (1831-95, St. Petersburg), statesman, scientist, businessman, Actual Privy Counsillor (1890), Honorary Member of Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1888)

Weiner P. P., (1879-1931), publisher of the journal Starye Gody

WEINER Peter Petrovich (1879-1931), public figure, museum worker, collector, full member of the Academy of Arts (1912). He graduated from the Alexandrovsky Lyceum in St

Wiese V.Y., (1886-1954), oceanologist, explorer of the Arctic Zone

WIESE Vladimir Yulievich (1886, St. Petersburg - 1954), scientist, explorer of the Arctic Zone, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1933). Graduated from Gottingen University in 1910. In 1912-14, took part in G.Y

Women’s Institutes (Entry)

WOMEN’S INSTITUTES were boarding schools of intermediate education. They were under the oversight of the Department of Empress Maria's Establishments in 1796-1917

Women’s Pedagogical Institute

WOMEN’S Pedagogical Institute was an institution of higher education of the Department of Institutions of Empress Maria. It was established in 1903 on the basis of the Pedagogical Courses of the St. Petersburg Girls’ Gymnasia

Women’s Polytechnic Institute

WOMEN’S POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE, the first ever Russian technical institution of higher education for women. It was established in 1905 on the initiative of a group of scientists with a financial support of the Society for Funding Women’s Technical

Wrangel N. N. (1880-1915), Art Historian

WRANGEL Nikolay Nikolaevich (1880-1915) a baron, art historian. Lived in St. Petersburg from 1897. Wrote about the history of Russian artistic culture from the 18th to the beginning of the 19th centuries, including sculpture, painting

Wreden Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics

WREDEN INSTITUTE OF TRAUMATOLOGY AND ORTHOPAEDICS, Russian Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics situated at 8 Akademika Baykova Street. It was founded as the Petersburg Orthopaedic Institute with the sponsorship of Empress Alexandra