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Sports Schools

SPORTS SCHOOLS for Children and Youth, training high-level sportsmen. First opened in Leningrad in the middle of the 1950s. The Specialized Sports Schools for Olympic Reserves were formed in the 1960s for the purpose of training sportsmen of the

Sreznevsky I.I., (1812-1880), philologist

SREZNEVSKY Izmail Ivanovich (1812-1880, St. Petersburg), philologist, slavicist, member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1849). He graduated from the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Kharkov in 1829. In 1847, he came to St

St. Petersburg Museum of History

STATE ST. PETERSBURG MUSEUM OF HISTORY was established in 1938 as the Museum of History and Development of Leningrad. It is a successor of the City Museum and of the Old St. Petersburg Museum. It was called the Leningrad Museum of History in 1955-91

St. Petersburg Researchers’ Association

ST. PETERSBURG RESEARCHERS’ ASSOCIATION (1/3 Zodchego Rossi Street), a non-profit scientific organisation founded in 1990 by the International Charitable Foundation for the Renaissance of St

St. Petersburg Scientific Centre of RAS

ST. PETERSBURG SCIENTIFIC CENTRE OF RAS (SPSC) was founded in 1983, and until 1992 was called the Leningrad Scientific Centre of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR

St. Petrischule

ST. PETRISCHULE situated at 10 Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street, a German school attached to St. Peter's Lutheran Church, the oldest school in St. Petersburg founded c. 1710. Scientist and teacher A. F

Stable Museum

STABLE MUSEUM (the Museum of Court Carriages). Founded in 1857, at the Court Department of Stables; opened in 1860. The two-story Stable Museum building (4 Konyushennaya Square), built in 1857-1860s (architect P.S

Startsev V.I. (1931-2000), Historian

STARTSEV Vitaly Ivanovich (1931, Leningrad - 2000, St. Petersburg) historian, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Education (1992), Ph.D. in History (1973)

Stasov V.V., (1824-1906), critic, public figure

STASOV Vladimir Vasilievich (1824, St. Petersburg - 1906, St. Petersburg), art and music critic, arts historian, ethnographer, public figure, Honorary Member of St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1900), son of V.P. Stasov

Stasyulevich М.М. (1826-1911), publisher, historian

STASYULEVICH Mikhail Matveevich (1826, St. Petersburg -1911), historian, journalist, public figure. He graduated the Larinskaya Gymnasium in St. Petersburg (1843, where in 1849-53 took up teaching history)

State Electrotechnical University "LETI", St. Petersburg

STATE ELECTROTECHNICAL UNIVERSITY "LETI", St. Petersburg (SEU) (5 Professora Popova Street) was founded in 1886 as a technical school for the Post and Telegraph Department

State Hydrological Institute

STATE HYDROLOGICAL INSTITUTE of the Russian Hydrometeorological Service, situated at 23 Second Line of Vasilievsky Island, the only research institution in Russia studying water resources such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and swamps

State Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics, St. Petersburg

STATE INSTITUTE (UNIVERSITY) OF FINE MECHANICS AND OPTICS, St. Petersburg (14 Sablinskaya Street) was founded in 1930 on the basis of the Technical School of Fine Mechanics and Optics. In 1994, it received university status and its present-day name

State Institute of Technology, St. Petersburg

STATE INSTITUTE (UNIVERSITY) OF TECHNOLOGY, St. Petersburg (26 Moskovsky Avenue) was founded in 1828 under the name of the Petersburg Practical Technology Institute

State University of Economics and Finances, St. Petersburg

STATE UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS AND FINANCES, St. Petersburg (SPSUEF) (21 Sadovaya Street/ 30-32 Griboedova Canal Embankment) was founded in 1930 under the name of the Institute of Economics and Finances on the basis of the Financial and Credit

State University of Technology and Design, St. Petersburg

STATE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY AND DESIGN, St. Petersburg (SUTD) (18 Bolshaya Morskaya Street) was founded in 1930 as the Institute of Textile and Light Industry (in 1935 it was named after S.M. Kirov). It received its present day name in 1992

State University, St. Petersburg

STATE UNIVERSITY, ST. PETERSBURG (SPSU) (7/9 Universitetskaya Embankment) is one of the largest educational, scientific and cultural centers of Russia. The university comes from the Academic University

Steblin-Kamensky M.I. (1903-1981), historian

STEBLIN-KAMENSKY Mikhail Ivanovich (1903, St. Petersburg - 1981, Leningrad), philologist and Scandinavia specialist, Ph.D. (philology) in 1948. He graduated from Leningrad State University with a major in philology in 1939

Stebut's Agricultural Courses for Women

STEBUT'S AGRICULTURAL COURSES FOR WOMEN, advanced courses established by the Society for the Encouragement of Women's Agricultural Education in 1904. They were named after I. M. Stebut, the founder of the courses

Steklov Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg Branch

STEKLOV MATHEMATICAL INSTITUTE of the Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg Branch, situated at 27 Fontanka River Embankment. It originates from the Institute of Physics and Mathematics founded by V. A. Steklov in 1921

Steklov V.A., (1863/64-1926), mathematician

STEKLOV Vladimir Andreevich (1863-1926), mathematician, member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1910), vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences from 1919

Sternberg L.Y., (1861-1927), ethnographer

STERNBERG Lev (Haim) Yakovlevich (1861-1927, Duderhof now renamed as the settlement of Mozhaysky, Leningrad Region), an ethnographer, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in 1924

Stieglitz Central Technical Drawing School

STIEGLITZ CENTRAL TECHNICAL DRAWING SCHOOL (13-15 Solyanoy Lane), State Art School. It was founded in January 1876 (opened on 12.11.1879) together with the Primary School of Drawing, Drafting and Modeling through the funding of Baron A.L

Stolpyansky P.N., (1872-1938), Historian of St. Petersburg

STOLPYANSKY Peter Nikolaevich (1872, St. Petersburg - 1938, Leningrad), historian, regional ethnographer, bibliographer. Close to revolutionary circles in his youth; exiled from St. Petersburg twice

Struve P.B. (1870-1944), economist

STRUVE Peter Berngardovich (1870-1944), economist, sociologist, essayist, public figure and politician, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences from 1917. He graduated from Petersburg University with a major in law in 1895

Struve V.V., (1889-1965), orientalist

STRUVE Vasily Vasilievich (1889, St. Petersburg - 1965, Leningrad), orientalist, member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1935), honoured worker of science of the Uzbekistan Soviet Socialist Republic (1943)

Struve V.Y., (1793-1863), astronomer

STRUVE Vasily Yakovlevich (Friedrich Georg Wilhelm von) (1793-1864, St. Petersburg), astronomer and land-surveyor, member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1832). A native from Germany, he graduated from the University of Derpt in 1810

Suvorov Memorial Museum

SUVOROV MEMORIAL MUSEUM. The State A. V. Suvorov Memorial Museum (43 Kirochnaya Street), one of Russia's biggest memorial museums. Founded in 1900 as a temporary exhibition at the General Staff Academy in honour of the 100th anniversary of the death

Suvorov Military College, St. Petersburg

SUVOROV MILITARY COLLEGE, St. Petersburg (26 Sadovaya Street), Military Secondary School in preparation for Higher Military Study. Founded after the re-organisation of the Leningrad Kirov Military School

Synthetic Rubber, Lebedev Scientific Research Institute of

SYNTHETIC RUBBER, Lebedev Scientific Research Institute of, located at 1 Gapsalskaya Street. Was established in 1928 by S. V. Lebedev as the State Experimental Factory of Synthetic Rubber of type B (1928)