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Entries / Nikolskoe Cemetery

Nikolskoe Cemetery

Categories / Architecture/Cemeteries (see also Municipal Economy)
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NIKOLSKOE CEMETERY. One of the necropolises at the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, founded in 1863 (the third to be opened). Situated between Obukhovskoy Oborony Avenue and the Lavra's eastern yards. It was named after the Church of St. Nicholas (1868-71, architect G.I. Karpov). Its area includes 8 hectares. In 1928, no more burials were allowed at the Nikolskoe Cemetery; tombstones were demolished in order to be utilized for other purposes and the ashes of certain writers, musicians and artists were transported to museum necropolises. In the 1960s, the passage to the Neva Embankment was enlarged, sacrificing a part of the Nikolskoe Cemetery. Famous people buried at the Nikolskoe Cemetery include statesman M.A. Korf; academics A.F. Bychkov, A.I. Voeykov, B.B. Golitsyn, N.I. Koksharov, N.A. Kotlyarevsky, B.A. Turaev; sociologist M.M. Kovalevsky; historian A.E. Presnyakov; engineer P.M. Obukhov; publisher A.S. Suvorin, and many others. In the southeast part of the Nikolskoe Cemetery, there is a chapel dedicated to the revered Blessed Matthew (Tatomir) (1848-1904). In the north part, there is a Brotherly Burial Site, where the St. Petersburg Orthodox Metropolitans Antony (Vadkovsky), Isidor (Nikolsky), Pallady (Raev), Nikodim (Rotov), Antony (Melnikov), and Ioann (Snachev) are buried, and where a cenotaph for the Holy New Martyr Metropolitan Veniamin is located near the graves of Lavra monks. In the 1970s, there were new burials at the Nikolskoe Cemetery; among those buried were historian and anthropologist L.N. Gumilev; deputies of the State Duma V.V. Savitsky and G.V. Starovoytova; ex-mayor of St. Petersburg A.A. Sobchak; and Major General M.Y. Malofeev. The artistically valuable gravestones of singer A.D. Vyaltseva (1915, architect L.A. Ilyin), artist M.O. Mikeshina (1916, sculptor B.M. Mikeshin), airman L.M. Matsievich (1912, architect I.A. Fomin), and Palestine scholar V.N. Khitrovo (1915, architect A.A. Parland) are being maintained and cared for.

Reference: Пирютко Ю. М. Лаврские кладбища и усыпальницы // С.-Петерб. епарх. ведомости. 2000. No. 23. С. 61-71.

Y. M. Piryutko.

Abaza Alexander Aggeevich
Antony (Alexander Vasilievich Vadkovsky), Metropolitan
Antony (Melnikov)
Bychkov Afanasy Fedorovich
Fomin Ivan Alexandrovich
Fonvizin Mikhail Alexandrovich
Golitsyn Boris Borisovich
Gumilev Lev Nikolaevich
Ilyin Lev Alexandrovich
Ioann (Ivan Matveevich Snychev), Metropolitan
Isidor (Yakov Sergeevich Nikolsky)
Karpov Grigory Ivanovich
Khitrovo Vasily Nikolaevich
Koksharov Nikolay Ivanovich
Korf Modest Andreevich, Count
Kotlyarevsky Nestor Alexandrovich
Kovalevsky Maxim Maximovich
Malofeev M.Y.
Matfei (Tatamir)
Matsievich Lev Markovich
Mikeshin Boris Mikhailovich
Mikeshin Mikhail Osipovich
Nikodim (Boris Georgievich Rotov), Metropolitan
Obukhov Pavel Matveevich
Pallady (Raev-Pisarev Pavel Ivanovich), Metropolitan
Parland Alfred Alexandrovich
Presnyakov Alexander Evgenievich
Sobchak Anatoly Alexandrovich
Starovoytova Galina Vasilievna
Suvorin Alexey Sergeevich
Turaev Boris Alexandrovich
Veniamin (Vasily Pavlovich Kazansky), Metropolitan
Voeykov Alexander Ivanovich
Vyaltseva Anastasiya Dmitrievna

Shlisselburgsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city

Пирютко Ю. М. Лаврские кладбища и усыпальницы // С.-Петерб. епарх. ведомости, 2000

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Alexander Nevsky Lavra

Alexander Nevsky Lavra

ALEXANDER NEVSKY LAVRA, located at 1 Alexander Nevsky Square. The monastery dedicated to the Holy Trinity and St. Alexander Nevsky. It was founded in 1710 by Tsar Peter the Great at the confluence of the Chernaya River (today the Monastyrka River)

Anthony (Vadkovsky) (1846-1912), Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga 1898-1912

ANTHONY (lay name Alexander Vasilievich Vadkovsky) (1846-1912, St. Petersburg ), Church figure, honorary member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1899)

Bobrinsky A.A. (1800-1868), civilian Governor

BOBRINSKY Alexander Alexeevich (1823, St. Petersburg 1903, St. Petersburg), Count, statesman, genealogist, Secret Counselor (1870), Chief Hoffmeister (1890). He was a great-grandson of Empress Catherine II, father of Count Alexei A. Bobrinsky

Bolotov V.V. (1854-1900), theologian

BOLOTOV Vasily Vasilievich (1854-1900, St. Petersburg), theologian, church historian, Doctor of Theology (honoris causa, 1896), associate of St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1893). After graduating from St

Chistovich I.A., (1828-1893), theologian

CHISTOVICH Illarion Alexeevich (1828 --1893, St. Petersburg), theologian, corresponding member of St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1874). Upon graduating from St

Dalsky (Neelov) M.V. (1865-1918), actor

DALSKY (born Neelov) Mamont Viktorovich (1865-1918), actor. He studied law at Kharkov University but quit as he was in his second year in 1885. He worked as an actor in the country and at E. N. Goreva's theatre in Moscow in 1889-90

Davydov V.N., (1849-1925), actor

DAVYDOV Vladimir Nikolaevich (real name Ivan Nikolaevich Gorelov) (1849-1925), actor, pedagogue, People's Artist of the Respublic (1922). In 1866, he graduated from a gymnasium in Tambov

Dmitrievsky A.A. (1856-1929), theologian

DMITRIEVSKY Alexey Afanasievich (1856-1929, Leningrad), theologian and church historian, Doctor of Church History (1896), corresponding member of St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1903). Dmitrievsky graduated from Kazan Theological Academy in 1882

Golitsyn Family

GOLITSYN, princely family, the Gediminovich Dinasty, important in the 16th century. Several members, including Prince M.M. Golitsyn, were closely associated with St. Petersburg. His son was Alexander Mikhailovich Golitsyn (1718-1783, St

Goncharov I.A. (1812-1891), writer

GONCHAROV Ivan Alexandrovich (1812-1891, St. Petersburg), writer, corresponding member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1860). Graduated from the Philological Department of Moscow University (1834). In St. Petersburg from 1835

Gravestones (entry)

GRAVESTONES. The Necropolis-Museum of the 18th Century preserves cast-iron gravestones of T.A. Litvinova, S.A. Apraxina, P.F. Balk-Polev, P.N. Melgunov and others (1730-50s) with typical epitaphs in ornamented frames with armour and heraldic symbols

Gresser P.A., Chief Policeman, Head of City Administration 1882-92

GRESSER Peter Apollonovich (1833-1892, St. Petersburg), statesman, Lieutenant General (1883). Graduated from the First Cadet Corps in St. Petersburg (1850), and served in the Caucasus

Gumilev L.N., (1912-1992), historian

GUMILEV Lev Nikolaevich (1912, Tsarskoe Selo - 1992, St. Petersburg), orientalist, ethnographer, Ph.D. (Doctor of Historical Sciences, 1961; and Geographical Sciences, defended his thesis in 1974

Ioann (Snychev) (1927-1995), Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga 1990-1995

IOANN (lay name Ivan Matveevich Snychev) (1927-1995, St. Petersburg), Church figure, historian and spiritual writer, Doctor of Theology (1988). In 1944-45, Ioann served in the army

Isidor (Nikolsky) (1799-1892), Metropolitan of Novgorod and St. Petersburg 1860-1892

ISIDOR (born Iakov Sergeevich Nikolsky) (1799-1892, St. Petersburg), religious figure, honorary member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1857). After graduating from St

Komissarzhevskaya V.F., (1864-1910), actress

KOMISSARZHEVSKAYA Vera Fedorovna (1864, St. Petersburg - 1910), actress. The sister of F.F. Komissarzhevsky. Studied in Moscow under her father, opera singer and pedagogue F.P

Kovalevsky M.M., (1851-1916), historian, sociologist

KOVALEVSKY Maxim Maximovich (1851-1916, Petrograd), sociologist, lawyer, economist, political figure, Member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1914). After graduating from the Faculty of Law of the University of Kharkov in 1872

Lopukhin A.P. (1852-1904), master of theology

LOPUKHIN Alexander Pavlovich (1852-1904, St. Petersburg), church historian, M.A. (theology) in 1881. After graduating from Petersburg Theological Academy in 1878, he worked as a psalm reader at the Russian Embassy Church in New York in 1879-81

Makovsky K.E. (1839-1915), artist

MAKOVSKY Konstantin Egorovich (1839-1915, Petrograd), painter, V. E. Makovsky's brother. Studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1851-58) under S. K. Zaryanko, completing his studies at the Academy of Arts (1858-62)

Mamin-Sibiryak D.N. (1852-1912), writer

MAMIN-SIBIRYAK (real name Mamin) Dmitry Narkisovich (1852-1912, St. Petersburg), writer. From 1872 lived in St. Petersburg; in 1872-76 studied at Veterinary Faculty of the Moscow Medical Surgical Academy

Mikeshin M.O., (1835-1896), artist

MIKESHIN Mikhail Osipovich (1835-1896, St. Petersburg), painter, graphic artist, sculptor. Studied at the Academy of Arts (1851-58), became a member in 1869. Won a competition in 1859 for the monument for the Millennium of Russia in Novgorod the

Nabokov Family

NABOKOV Family, noble family, known since the mid 17th century. Several family members are closely associated with St. Petersburg. Ivan Alexandrovich Nabokov (1787-1852, St Petersburg), Infantry General (1835), Adjutant General (1844)

Nikodim (Rotov) (1929-1978), Metropolitan of Leningrad and Novgorod 1963-1978

NIKODIM (lay name Boris Georgievich Rotov) (1929-1978), church figure. In 1947, he took monastic vows under the name of Nikodim, and was sent to serve in the Arch-Eparchy of Yaroslavl

Obukhov P. M. (1820-1869), entrepreneur

OBUKHOV Pavel Matveevich (1820-1869), metallurgist, Actual Civil Counsellor (1868). Obukhov graduated from the Corps of Mining Engineers Institute in 1843. Serving at Urals plants, he developed a technology for producing high-quality crucible steel

Pallady (Raev) (1827-1898), Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga in 1892-1898

PALLADY (born Pavel Ivanovich Raev-Pisarev) (1827-1898, St. Petersburg), religious figure, Honorary Member of St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1894). After graduating from Kazan Theological Academy (1852)

Palmov I.S. (1855-1920), church historian

PALMOV Ivan Savvich (1855-1920, Petrograd), church historian, specialist in Slavic history, Doctor of Church History (1904), a member of Russian Academy of Sciences (1916; corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences from 1913)

Pisarev Modest Ivanovich (1844-1905), actor

PISAREV Modest Ivanovich (1844-1905, St. Petersburg), actor and writer. He graduated from the law department of the Moscow University (1865). He performed in amateur clubs of Moscow in 1860s, the Society of Lovers of Dramatic Art

Pokrovsky N.V. (1848-1917), historian, archaeologist

POKROVSKY Nikolay Vasilievich (1848-1917, Petrograd), archaeologist and art historian, Doctor of Church History (1892). Upon graduating from St. Petersburg Theological Academy in 1874

Presnyakov A.E., (1870-1929), historian

PRESNYAKOV Alexander Evgenievich (1870-1929, Leningrad), historian, collegiate member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1920). He came to St. Petersburg in 1889 and entered the faculty of history and philology of the University of St

Rochefort N.I. de (1846-1905), architect

ROCHEFORT NIKOLAY IVANOVICH DE (1846-1905, St. Petersburg), count, an engineer and an architect. A descendant of French immigrants. Graduated from Nikolaevskoye Engineering School of St

Rubinstein A.G., (1829-1894), composer

RUBINSTEIN Anton Grigorievich (1829-1894, Peterhof), pianist, composer, director, pedagogue, public figure. Became famous at the age of 12 over his first Europe tour in 1840-43

Sazonov N.F. (1843-1902), actor

SAZONOV Nikolay Fedorovich (1843, St. Petersburg - 1902, the same place), actor. He started appearing on stage in the country under the name of Shuvalov. After graduating from the Theatre College in 1863

Shchegolev P.Е. (1877-1931), historian

SHCHEGOLEV Pavel Eliseevich (1877-1931, Leningrad), literary critic, historian, archaeographer and essayist. He entered two faculties of Petersburg University simultaneously in 1895 - the Oriental Faculty and Faculty of History and Philology - but

Shingarev A.I. (1869-1918), public and political figure

SHINGAREV Andrey Ivanovich (1869-1918, Petrograd), public and political figure, physician. After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at Moscow University in 1894, he worked as a doctor in the Voronezh Province

Sobchak A.A. chairman of Leningrad Soviet, mayor in 1990-96

SOBCHAK Anatoly Alexandrovich (1937-2000), statesman and public figure, doctor of law (1982), professor (1982). He graduated from the School of Law of Leningrad State University (1959). Sobchak worked for the Stavropol Regional College of Lawyers

Starovoytova G.V. (1946-1998), ethnographer, politician

STAROVOYTOVA Galina Vasilievna (1946-1998, St. Petersburg), public and political figure, human rights advocate, ethnopsychologist, Ph.D. (History) (1975). She lived in Leningrad from 1948

Strepetova P.A., (1850-1903), actress

STREPETOVA Pelageya (Polina) Antipievna (1850-1903), actress. Her performances in Kazan (1871) and Moscow exposed her talent for tragedy and made her famous. Strepetova, who invested her characters with the spirit of social protest

Suvorin А.S. (1834-1912), publisher

SUVORIN Alexey Sergeevich (1834-1912, St. Petersburg), publicist, writer, publisher. Suvorin completed special courses of the Noblemen Regiment (1853), and from 1863 when he settled in St

Tolstoy I.I. (1858-1916), archaeologist, numismatist, vice-president of the Academy of Arts

TOLSTOY Ivan Ivanovich (1858, the town of Luga of St. Petersburg province -1916), count (1866), statesman and public figure, numismatist and archaeologist, Staff Master (1898), Honorary Fellow of the St

Turaev B.A., (1868-1920), orientalist

TURAEV Boris Alexandrovich (1868-1920, Petrograd), orientalist, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1918). He came to St. Petersburg in 1886. He graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology at St

Veniamin (Kazansky), Venerable Martyr (1874-1922), Metropolitan of Petrograd and Gdov in 1917-1922

VENIAMIN (born Vasily Pavlovich Kazansky) (1873-1922, railway station of Porokhovye near St. Petersburg), religious figure. Kazansky took monastic vows under the name of Veniamin in 1895. After graduating from St

VOEYKOV A.I., (1842-1916), climatologist, geographer

Voeykov Alexander Ivanovich (1842-1916), climatologist and geographer, founder of climatology in Russia, Corresponding Member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1910)

Vyaltseva A.D., (1871-1913), singer

VYALTSEVA (married name Biskupskaya) Anastasiya Dmitrievna (1871-1913, St. Petersburg), operetta and opera (mezzo-soprano) singer, variety actress. Studied singing in St. Petersburg under S. M. Sonki

Wrangel N. N. (1880-1915), Art Historian

WRANGEL Nikolay Nikolaevich (1880-1915) a baron, art historian. Lived in St. Petersburg from 1897. Wrote about the history of Russian artistic culture from the 18th to the beginning of the 19th centuries, including sculpture, painting