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Entries / Pimenov S.S. (1784-1833), sculptor

Pimenov S.S. (1784-1833), sculptor

Categories / Art/Fine Arts/Personalia

PIMENOV Stepan Stepanovich (1784 - 1833, St. Petersburg), sculptor. Father of N.S. Pimenov. Studied at the Academy of Arts (1795-1803) under M.I. Kozlovsky and I.P. Prokofyev. A member since 1807, he taught at the Academy of Arts from 1809 until 1830, having attained professorship in 1814. Acted as Director of the Sculpture Department of the Imperial Porcelain Factory from 1809 until 1830, and was a master of monument decoration and small porcelain plastics. He created sculpture works that had a strong influence on a number of Classical buildings by A.N. Voronikhin and K.I. Rossi, including statues of St. Prince Vladimir (1807) and St. Prince Alexander Nevsky (1811) for Kazan Cathedral, the Hercules and Antaeus group (1811) in front of the Mining Institute, allegoric figures for the tower of the Main Admiralty (1812-13; not preserved), the Chariot of Glory at the General Staff's attic (1827-28), the Chariot of Apollo at the Pushkin Drama Theatre's attic (1831-32), and statues of Homer and Plato for the facade of the Imperial Public Library. He worked closely along with V.I. Demut-Malinovsky. Buried at Necropolis of Artists.

Reference: Петрова Е. Н. Степан Степанович Пименов, 1784-1833. Л.; М., 1958.

O. L. Leikind, D.Y. Severyukhin.

Demut-Malinovsky Vasily Ivanovich
Kozlovsky Mikhail Ivanovich
Pimenov Nikolay Stepanovich
Pimenov Stepan Stepanovich
Prokofiev Ivan Prokofievich
Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich
Rossi Carl Ivanovich (Carlo Giovanni)
Voronikhin Andrey Nikiforovich

Петрова Е.Н. Степан Степанович Пименов, 1784 - 1833. Л.; М., 1958

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